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Member of the Association of Boat Safety Scheme Examiners. MIIMS. RMS. Diploma in Marine Surveying (YS). Blue Star Surveys specialize in the surveying of all types of yachts and boats, fast planing boats, narrowboats, canal cruisers, steel / iron barges, as well as all types of yachts and sailing vessels.

Oil Sampling

Cost saving through oil analysis

Oil is the life blood of all machinery and can tell you so much about it’s condition - why not get a ‘health check’ right now.

The small cost of regular oil condition monitoring is a very worthwhile investment to protect expensive machinery and equipment.

Condition monitoring can provide the following advantages and cost savings:

Analysis for wear Metals:
• Avoids catastrophic failure of a machine
• Prevents costly downtime with resulting inconvenience
• Allows for preventative maintenance to be carried out
• Avoids the need for expensive repairs
• Allows maintenance to be scheduled with confidence

Analysis of the oil:
• Ensures the correct grade of oil is being used
• Ensures that the correct additives are present in the right concentrations to lubricate effectively
• Identifies leakage of water, coolant or fuel into oil
• Avoids unnecessary oil changes

Graph Showing Copper   and Lead concentrations in oil
This graph shows a typical bearing failure. Increasing levels of both lead and copper occur. When they exceed the recommended examination level, the unit must be stopped and the bearing inspected. Failure to take action at this stage would almost certainly lead to a damaged shaft and major expense.

Cost £42.90 per sample.

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We love boats and boating, Mike Boulton our Boat Surveyor and Boat Safety Scheme Examiner has been a boat owner for 15 years and has cruised extensively around the Yorkshire tidal and non-tidal waterways as well as on the South Coast. In fact he lived on his boat on the Aire and Calder canal for over 4 years.