Mike Boulton MIIMS. RMS. MABSE. RMS DipMarSur(YS)

Telephone: 01405 769129    Mobile: 07930 384143
Email: info@bluestarsurveys.co.uk

Member of the Association of Boat Safety Scheme Examiners. MIIMS. RMS. Diploma in Marine Surveying (YS). Blue Star Surveys specialize in the surveying of all types of yachts and boats, fast planing boats, narrowboats, canal cruisers, steel / iron barges, as well as all types of yachts and sailing vessels.


For Surveys And Boat Safety Examinations In The UK Or Europe.

Blue Star Surveys

Telephone : 01405 769129
Mobile : 07930 384143
Email : info@bluestarsurveys.co.uk

About Us

We love boats and boating, Mike Boulton our Boat Surveyor and Boat Safety Scheme Examiner has been a boat owner for 15 years and has cruised extensively around the Yorkshire tidal and non-tidal waterways as well as on the South Coast. In fact he lived on his boat on the Aire and Calder canal for over 4 years.